Android Q Beta 4 features native face recognition


Android Q Beta 4 brings a Face recognition option inside the settings menu. As per 9to5google, this new setting can be used to unlock the device, or sign in to your apps, or do a payment.

However, the face unlock feature already was there. But, this isn’t native yet. All the OEMs used their own methods to bring the face unlock to their devices. But this time, Google is implementing the feature on the OS directly.

And to implement this, your device will need a dedicated face recognition. So sorry old devices users! You will not get the native face recognition at all!

Also, a feature similar to Samsung Smart Stay, there is a feature called Screen Attention, in the build preview.

The Android Q is supposed to launch in this year, in the summer.

However, if you are thinking to install the Beta 4 version, kindly hold off! There are several reports that the update is bricking the devices.

Wait, untill Google gives a patch for the update, or entirely rollout new update.

Source: 9to5Google

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