Galaxy S10 Update Brings Ultrawide Camera Support to Third Party Apps


Samsung’s new ultra-wide camera on the S10 is awesome. However, you only had the option to use that camera on the default camera app. Fortunately, the May security Galaxy S10 update bought support for third-party apps as well.

The latest S10 update brings along the “ultra-wide SDK” for app developers. This allows 3rd-party apps to add a switch to use the ultra-wide camera on the S10 directly from the app.

Galaxy S10 Update

This also opens the ultra wide selfie camera on the S10+. The default field-of-view for the selfie shooter is 68-degrees, but a switch can be used to unlock the full 80-degrees.

This Galaxy S10 update only brings the SDK support. Developers have to use that support themselves to update their apps. WhatsApp has already updated its app for the Ultra wide support for its in-app camera.