Google Home discount on most Home devices.


Google is now giving heavy discounts on the Google Home products, which includes Home, Home Mini, and Nest Hub, etc. This is a very good thing to see that Google is now taking down the price of their Home products this summer.

You can find almost the entire Google Home range on sale right now. The Home Mini is now for $49 $29. Which is a pretty nice deal. The Initial price has now come down to $29, making it super cheap right now.

The next Home device is the mainstream Google Home, which is now available for $79 $59. Thus the deal now gives you around $20 off on the MRP of the device.

The Home Max, the biggest of the all the Home Products, is now available for $299 $269. This is a straight $30 discount on the device straight from the MRP. This discount is after the device has a reduced MRP of $299.

Now, it’s the time for the Google Nest Hub. This device has a normal price tag of $129. But during this time, you can grab one for $129 $99. Which is a straight $30 discount on the product.

But here you get some more stuff free with Nest Hub. You will get a free Smart Light Kit, which also includes a Home Mini and a GE-C Life light bulb.

The price of the above kit is $35, but for $64 extra will get the Nest Hub as well. Which is a sweet deal as compared to the purchasing each of them separately.

You can get the deal from Best Buy, Google and B&H.

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