A 120-year old Solar Eclipse footage is on YT


Nearly, 120 years later the footage of Solar Eclipse has been found and is now on YT. This is a very great finding since at that time, watching a Solar Eclipse was not as easy as it is now.

The Eclipse in this recorded video occurred on May 28th, 1900. The recording took place in North Carolina when the British Astronomical Association was having its expenditure. The footage was captured by Magician Nevil Maskelyne. The eclipse he recorded is a total Solar Eclipse.

The footage, at that time, was recorded using a telescopic adapter for the camera.

Actually, before this release, the videotape was stored at the Royal Astronomical Association. As per the Association, this was Nevil’s second attempt. He recorded the first eclipse in 1898, however, somebody stole it, and till date, it is nowhere to be found.

Now this organization, took the pain and converted the video to 4K. But on YT, you can only watch it in 720p right now.

But BFI did their efforts. They obtained the footage, and reassembled the footage frame by frame.

However, it is now super easy to capture the eclipse, thanks to modern technology.

Next eclipse will show up in 2024, so be ready, else, you will have to wait for more years till 2045 to watch it.

Source: The Verge

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