Apple increases download limit to 200MB on App Store


Apple is recently making changes to its App Store. This time, Apple has increased the download limit of the App Store by 200MB.

This is somehow a good as well as a bad news in itslef. How?

Well, previously, Apple capped the data download limit on App Store to 150MB, which is ridiculous. However, now the limit is high by 50MB.

And the bad news? Well, you still have cap.

This step is however, good in part of Apple. Most of the users get around few gigs of data per month. Unless, you have unlimited data, well, you are stilled capped at 200MB.

And not having a WiFi nearby really suck, mostly when your cellular data has exhausted for the day or the month.

But, the developers know about the data cap. Due to this reason they are trying to make the size of the app smaller than the capped limit, no matter what the download size is after the installation of the app.

This approach by Apple is somehow similar to what Microsoft did with its already dead Windows Phone OS. They somehow capped the downloads over the Mobile data to 100MB, after which you needed a Wi-Fi hotspot to download the data.

Back then I used the Lumia 525 and the Lumia 640XL. During the Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, MSFT limited the download limit to 100MB, due to which I had to sideload all the apps. But on WP8.1, they somehow restricted the sideloading as well.

But,WP is dead. Well, it died a rather painful date. I hope Apple doesn’t make the same mistake.

Source: Android Authority

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