Galaxy Note 10 Could Ditch the Headphone Jack


Samsung was the only only company which kept the headphone jack intact in its flagship devices. But the Galaxy S10 might be the last Samsung flagship to feature a headphone jack. The Note 10 is going to come without a headphone jack (via AndroidPolice).

A new report claims that Samsung will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the Galaxy Note 10. Not only that, it’s also said to ditch the physical buttons.

This means not only the headphone jack is going away, the power, volume and even the Bixby Button won’t be seen. Nobody would miss the Bixby button, though.

Although Samsung kept the headphone jacks for a while on its flagship phones, it experimented with it on its budget phones and tablets. The Galaxy Tab S5e and even the Galaxy Fold didn’t feature the headphone jack.

This could trigger a lot of people who appreciated Samsung just for not removing the headphone jack. But Samsung did launch its own Galaxy Earbuds. So moving wireless is perhaps not a bad idea.

Talking about no physical buttons, this is not done by a lot of companies before. Samsung might replicate the physical buttons with pressure sensitive buttons with excellent haptic feedback. This was seen on some older iPhones on the home button.

Also, there are rumors which suggest that Samsung could launch the Galaxy Note 10 in two different sizes.

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