Huawei regains its position in SD Association.


Huawei was having a pretty bad month ever since Trump kicked the firm from trade. Since then many firms have ceased their business with Huawei. This includes – Microsoft, Intel, ARM, Qualcomm, and most importantly, Google.

But, two other have recently revokes their decision, thus adding Huawei back to their partner list.

These two are: SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance.

Yes, Yes, I previously said they both: SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance barred the membership of the firm, but somehow, the membership has started again.

Although Wi-Fi Alliance hasn’t issued any statement regarding the uplifted ban, the official site does mention the firm to be a part of the alliance again.

And what does this means? This means that they can now again use the WiFi and every new technology that comes out at initial stage for their own. Which is pretty good for Huawei for now.

Also, they are finally back with the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council. This consortium sets standards for all the electronic device that is made and brought to the customer.

What do you think? Will Trump lift the ban from the firm? Will he play a real deal now?

We don’t know. Until and Unless Google and other most important firms lift their ban, it is hard to determine the future of Huawei right now.

And the future, we don’t know either!

Source: Android Authority

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