Google Lens Update adds Filters and More


At Google I/O 2019, Google had announced a new update to Google Lens. Those features are finally arriving this week on both Android and iOS. The new features include new filters for Dining and Translate.

There’s a slight redesign of the camera icon on the new Google Lens update. The update brings a carousel of five modes, with Auto serving as the default view. After that, there’s Shopping and Text, which was there by default along with the new Dining and Translate features.

Here are the new features – 

  • Translate: Point your camera at text and Lens will automatically detect the language and overlay the translation right on top of the original words, in more than 100 languages.
  • Text: Text is all around us. Copy and paste text from the real world—like recipes, gift card codes, or Wi-Fi passwords—to your phone.
  • Auto: Lens will automatically provide relevant results based on what you are pointing your camera at.
  • Shopping: Point your camera at clothes, furniture, or home decor to see similar items you can choose from. Or use Lens to scan a barcode to see that exact item.
  • Dining: Lens can automatically highlight which dishes are popular—right on the physical menu. When you tap on a dish, you can see what it actually looks like and what people are saying about it, thanks to photos and reviews from Google Maps. And when you’re done with your meal, just point the camera at your receipt, and Lens can help calculate the tip and split the bill.

At I/O, Google also introduced a new, more rounded icon for the visual assistant, as well as the ability to focus a search by cropping an image. On Android, Google Lens is available in Assistant, Photos, and several first-party camera apps.

iOS users can also access the Google Lens update through Photos and the Google app. Google says that the app will start rolling out to all those surfaces starting today and will be fully available later this week.