Huawei is kicked from Wi-Fi Alliance


Huawei is having pretty bad days right now. After barring from the Android, Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, and even ARM, it was kicked out of the SD Association, making them lose the rights of designing SD card supported products with standards assigned by SD Association.

Just not this, now Huawei is out of the Wi-Fi Alliance as well, although temporarily. Following the orders from Trump Administration, Wi-Fi Alliance terminated the membership of the firm for now.

But the question arises, will Huawei phone be able to use Wi-Fi at all or not. The Answer is, yes it can, and in the future, they can use Wi-Fi. But their innovation will not influence the world as of now.

However, this can harm Huawei in the long run, thus not allowing them to compete.

Now the thing is Huawei is been kicked pretty badly now. Either they can create their own Wi-Fi Alliance or join with those which do not affiliate with US-based Alliance.

Do you think that the China-based manufacturer can have a bigger comeback to the global market?

Let us know in the comments what do you think.

Source: Android Authority

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