Its not done yet as Huawei is banned from using SD cards.


Just when Huawei is trying to get back in trade with the USA, one of the standards has ceased the contract with them. This is the fifth time Huawei is getting bans in a straight row. Want to know what is actually now banned? Well, it is the SD cards.

The SD Association has removed Huawei from its members’ list today. This is a highly catastrophic state for the firm right now. This is because only the members of the SD Association can only create and sell SD cards. That too according to the given standards. If you want to join the members’ list, you can check out the pricing for the same on their page here.

No matter what kind of device you use, if it supports an SD card or a MicroSD card, it follows the standards. But in the case of Huawei, it is the end. However, if you still own a Huawei or Honor phone you can still use SD cards since they are already in the market. And the current ban doesn’t apply on them ( except, obviously the main phone and the updates. Yes, not even SoC flaw-fixing, if any from ARM’s side ).

Right now, the Chinese Manufacturer is trying to find an alternative with Google in the matters. But will it succeed?

Source: Android Authority

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