Best Buy cancels all Galaxy Fold pre-orders


After the Galaxy Fold fiasco, Samsung has been working hard to make the device more productive and useful. But due to this reason, Samsung hasn’t delivered the Galaxy Fold to the pre-order customers. In this process, Best Buy canceled all the pre-orders of the Galaxy Fold.

Although Samsung promised to cancel all pre-orders if they aren’t able to deliver the product by May 31st. Best Buy, however, did it way before Samsung decided to.

DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Mobile division says that there will be a new release date announced pretty soon. Although Best Buy canceled all the pre-orders, it is committed to its “customer first” policy, and ensures that they will deliver the Galaxy Fold, once Samsung releases it again. Which is a pretty good thing.

But, here is a good thing. Samsung has made some improvements that will allow Galaxy Fold to get back its reputation. They have incorporated the protective layer into the display, thus making it peel-safe and protects the display from damages. Also, the space between the hinges has also been reduced. This makes it safe and prevents foreign particles to get into and damage the display.

The Galaxy Fold is an amazing piece of technology by Samsung, and they are trying hard to make this product reach everyone’s pocket. For now, it is too far to be possible, but one day it will.

Source: Sammobile

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