Apple TV comes to Samsung Smart TVs


What in the world is happening? Apple supporting Samsung hardware? Just today a new firmware update is installing Apple TV app on your Samsung Smart TVs. Well, this came through an announcement done back at Consumer Electronics Show.

The latest firmware update lets you access all of the iTunes content, be it music, shows videos – everything. You can also access the channels on it as well. Also, they will give you the subscription for Apple TV+ via the app as well.

This is for the first time that [this] service is coming to any of the Smart TVs in the market. With the latest update, you can also access the 4K HDR contents that you purchased on iTunes as well, which is pretty beneficial as well.

The TV app is also compatible with Bixby, with AirPlay 2, you can even stream your Mac/Macbook content on the TV as well. Well, no additional hardware required ( eg. the Apple Set-Top Box).

The update is currently rolling out in the Netherlands and is available for all 2019 models and some of the selected 2018 models for now. Happy streaming with you iTunes!

Source: Sammobile

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