Huawei lost ‘ARM’, a final nail to Huawei’s coffin?


The blow from Google was not enough for Huawei. As it took time to recover from the blow, ARM ceased its business with Huawei. And this is pretty serious if the blow from Google isn’t.

Why is it serious? Simple answer: ARM.

If you do not know ARM, let me introduce you to the firm who introduced the Reduced Instruction Set Computing architecture for Computers. In short, thanks to ARM, we are able to use the mobile phone and other components to this extent. ARM actually develops the architecture, and then licenses it to the other companies, so that they can make their chips on the ARM architecture.  These instructions run wherever you find mobile computing or even the IoT runs on ARM architecture.

And this is pretty serious if ARM decides to cease working for one firm. This is because ARM architecture is licensed and only those firms signed up the license agreement with ARM, can access them. But since ARM stopped its business with Huawei, Kirin is simply dead.

Therefore, even if Huawei decides to go with their own OS, on which platform will they run that OS on? Qualcomm or Intell? But these two also stopped their business with the company. Now What? All Huawei can do now is either make their own architecture or leave the business.

Because OS is nothing without a CPU.


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