Your Bose Smart Speakers starts getting Google Assistant


Pretty sure you have enough of your super expensive Bose Smart Speakers?

Well, hold on. They are about to get far better than ever. Behold. The Mightiest Google Assistant is now coming to your speakers.

But Sonos also have Alexa. Bose will get that as well pretty soon. But for now, enjoy Assistant.

Starting today, you will start receiving the update on your Bose Smart Speakers. Even the Soundbars will receive the update. Even Bose Home Speaker 500, Bose Soundbar 500 and Soundbar 700 are getting the updates.

With this update, the upcoming speakers will also get Assistant out of the box.

Updating the speakers are damn easy. Selecting the Assistant too. All you have to do is Open the Bose Music app, under the Voice Settings, select Assistant as the primary voice.

Source: Android Authority

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