Report says Huawei’s Android Alternative Could Come this Year


Huawei’s recent ban on Google products amidst the Trade war going between the US and China is disastrous. Now, a report claims that Huawei could launch it’s Android alternative as early as this year.

In a conversation with Huawei CEO Richard Yu, he says the company’s alternative operating system to replace Android could be coming as soon as this fall (via Caijing). However, Huawei’s efforts on its own OS are “far from ready.”

Yu says that this OS has been designed with multiple platforms in mind, but the focus has always been on the domestic market of China. Given the circumstances, Huawei would be forced to create its own ecosystem and get developers to create new apps for this platform.

One source claims that this OS is currently referred to as “Hongmeng” and has been in the works since 2012. Yu apparently further said that this new OS is capable of running “all Android apps” natively as well as web apps.

Developers who recompile their Android apps for Huawei’s platform could see “more than 60%” gains in performance. There’s also a mention of a microkernel which again implies that this is a new OS.

Keep in mind that these are just reports and there’s no official confirmation from Huawei about native Android app support and microkernels. Still, if Huawei manages to pull out of this mess, it will be among technology’s greatest success.