What will Huawei do after the immediate loss of support?


Today’s morning was very shocking. Something happened, that might never have happened in the history of mobile phones. By the time of writing this post, you might have already know the news by now. Google removed support for Huawei from immediate effect starting today. That means you will not get any device from Huawei running on Android at all.

So what about the current devices? Well, there was this question, that will Google will support the current smartphones from the OEM. Well, Yes. In a recent tweet, Google points out the reason for immediate support cut off, but with the continued support of the existing devices in the market from the firm. The Ply Protect and remaining Google apps will keep on running on your devices.

But what was the reason behind all this? All this mess was created after the US government banned the company from trade with the US. Maybe, but I don’t have any proper information about it. But this is something with the trade.

Also, other American firms are no longer going to trade with the company. Firms like Intel, Qualcomm, and even Microsoft has ceased trade with Huawei, all thanks to Trump Blacklist. Even there are chances that Microsoft will stop providing updates to the Huawei laptops.

Now that the ban has been imposed, what will happen to their foldable phone and the flagships they were about to launch? And Honor being the sub-brand, it will also face the same fate.

What will Huawei do after this?

Well, the firm is doing well in its hometown. Most of the users are from China itself. Also, several Google apps are banned from China, instead they use their own social media and services from Tencent and others. The proprietary thing is not the issue. The major problem is with the Android, starting today, they will only have access to the open-source AOSP. Which is, under the GPL license for Linux, and the Apache License, anyone from around the world have access to the source code for free, and share it according to their own terms.

This is also possible that the firm might create their own OS, which is somehow under development, according to Huaweicentral. 

Also, there is no issue with hardware as well. This is because they have Foxconn, which provides parts for their and iPhones as well.

HOLD ON!  Wait a sec!

If the US banned the firm from trading that means, there are more chances that the Chinese Government also ban the parts from Foxconn for iPhone and ban Apple from China completely!? The Chinese market is one of the biggest markets for Apple, and this trade blacklist thing can be very dangerous for them as well! Point, right?

Also, all the manufacturing for the firm is under Foxconn, so on the basis of hardware, Huawei has no problem, even with the AOSP, Huawei can still go with Android, but without Google Apps support at all.

Instead of the US market, Huawei has other markets as well, but everything revolves around the support.

Was it necessary at all?

This was very much shocking. It never happened in the past ever. This is for the first time happened in the universe of smartphones. Huawei’s hardware is well praised. Even their networking devices were used by various carriers in the US.

Maybe the spying thing from these devices has led to the catastrophic devastation? We don’t know.  But what Trump did was way too much. Is he trying to build a wall around China? We never know :v .

Partial Source: Android Authority

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