Can Flutter rule over the cross platform development?


Flutter is around from quite some times. What is it? Well, it’s an SDK initially launched to develop apps using a single language and codebase. But after the Google I/O 2019, the status of the SDK has been changed. Now Google is working on making the SDK for using with Web and Desktop Application development.

What is Flutter?

As I already mentioned, It is an SDK. It uses the Dart Programming Language to create UI for the apps for Android, iOS, now even Web, and Desktop as well. In fact, you can create apps for IoT as well!

This is very convenient, actually. Just to write apps, now you have to learn Dart Language only. Using it you can create very beautiful apps, which looks similar around all platforms. The biggest thing here is it uses the Material Design standards. Which pretty good as well. Google has already been asking the developers to switch to modern Material Design standards.

Also, there are, in most cases, only Widgets. Widgets are the key part of the SDK. With Widgets, you can create the entire UI of the app. There are a lot of Widgets available and ready to use out-of-the-box. The UI is pretty decent as a result (thanks to the Material Design Implementation).

All you need is Dart, which is a statically typed language, unlike JavaScript. The Syntax is pretty easy to understand and somehow matches with the style of the C. Also, If you are from Java Background, you will find its way to easy to learn.

Now with the latest update to the SDK to v1.5, the Flutter SDK is now capable of writing UI for an entire website. It is completely different from AngularDart.

Single Codebase – Cross-Platform Development

The Web project is called Hummingbird and is currently under experimental phase.

Although the SDK support Desktop Application Development, the feature is somehow broken. It works for others, but for me, it didn’t. But, it can be a competitor to the popular JS Framework for the same: Electron JS.

Electron JS is a fully capable framework to write desktop applications with your web development skills. Also, you just need to know Vanilla JS for making wonderful applications. There are a lot of developers working on Electron and bringing us the apps. Some popular desktop applications like VS Code, Atom Editor, Skype, WhatsApp, are all made from Electron.

Though Electron is mature in the market, it might take some time by Flutter to reach to this extents. Since it is a product of Google, it will definitely reach the potential that we need for an SDK to be.

However, there is a big issue with Flutter. Although you can make an entire app using Flutter, the problem will soon arise in some portions like background task. In that case, you have to write Java/Kotlin code. However, in comparison to Java, Kotlin is easy. Most of the devs say so, but not me. I don’t like Java or Kotlin -_- . Personal preferences, as  I am from a UI/UX Designer background.

But Flutter is nice. I gave it a shot. At first, it will be hard to get into the confusing syntax (actually, all of them are the collection of Widgets)of the SDK, but after some time, you will manage to build a very good app on your own.

But the IoT implementation is not made public, yeat

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