Google Keep gets Dark ‘gray’ Mode in the recent update


Android Q is supposed to bring the long-awaited Dark Mode to the smartphones. This Dark mode is very beneficial if the display on the device features the OLED panels, but is worst for LCD panels on the other hand. But Google is now bringing Dark ‘gray’ Mode to its stock apps. And the recent App with this update is Google Keep.

However, it is not truly black, but a dark grey shade. Which is kind of disappointing for those who thought to save some battery on their Pixel?

The UI has two shades of gray ( out of Fifty Shades of Gray :P). No absolute black, but still beneficial. How? This is because it makes eyes a little comfortable than the all black-n-white contrast. Also, all the pixels being on, it makes sure that the scrolling around doesn’t have any frame drops.

Also, the update is from server-side. If you are not able to get the dark mode, no need to worry at all. Google will soon send the Dark Mode to your device. The current app is on the version, and most probably, the update will reach your Keep pretty soon.

Source: Android Authority

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