Grab a Google Pixel 3a XL with a free $100 giftcard


How about a good deal from Amazon? I guess that is more than enough if you get a brand new device and receive a free gift card. Well, that is happening with this Google Pixel 3a XL offer. Amazon is now giving away the free $100 gift card if you grab a Pixel 3a XL from them.

This Amazon Pixel 3a XL offer is available for any of the device colors you select. Whether it is Just Black, Purple-ish, or Clearly White. You will get a gift card if you select one of the models with the option.

However, to avail this offer, you will have to pay around $10 extra. That means the base price of the device is $469, whereas, with this offer, you will have to pay $479. This extra $10 is for the Gift Card. The good thing about this offer is the Gift Card has no expiry date at all. You can use it whenever you can.

But, on the contrary, the device is costing you $10 extra than the normal price. But extra free bucks won’t mind, will it? It is the choice of the costumer here.

The gift card can be redeemed whenever you like to.

Source: Android Authority

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