Amazon have been discriminating devices on the basis of OS in Prime Video


Prime Video is the nicest thing you have ever met I guess?

Well, there is NetFlix, even other services like Hulu, Eros, and others.

But the problem is not with the brand, but the services they provide.

Netflix is costly and is way too much. The Basic plan mentions $8.99 for SD quality, single screen, whereas the Standard Plan includes the HD quality with 2 displays, at a whopping $12.99! Not only this, if you want UHD content, you pay a $15.99 price! That too for every freaking month!

But you know what is the good thing about Netflix is, it tells you what you are exactly paying for. Even Eros tells you what you are actually paying for. In fact, every video streaming service provider tells you what you are paying for.

However, this is not the case of Amazon. Though Amazon lets you get the Prime subscription for $119 per year, it will never let you know how it is playing the game.

If you head to the Prime Video Device and Features section, you will get to know how and why.

You think you are paying for the HD content on the Prime Video, then you are so wrong, my friend. If you know the difference between the quality of the video by pretty much looking at it, then you going to see what I’m trying to say.

Amazon Discriminates: The Incident

A few days back, I played the movie Interstellar on Prime Video app, on my Android Smartphone. Just when the movie started, it streamed on 360p – 480p. I thought it might take some time for the video to move to the HD quality, but it didn’t. I checked the settings, made it Stream on Best Quality. Please note, I have a 100Mbps connection, so the internet is not the issue.

Even the device sports the Widevine L1 certification, so no issues there either. Mind you, the device can play UHD content on Netflix and others, but not on Prime. I contacted the Service Chat, they said only Note 10 is supported for HD content, not my device. I asked the reason, why so. They replied We are working on it. Then I asked what about iOS, they said, it is fully supported.

I was like, what? No device resolution to be considered, nothing, just gave them HD content, whereas the Android are being discriminated? For what? Want to see the list of the android devices supporting HD and SD?

Here is the list.

And even if you own any of the devices not mentioned in the HD or UHD list, you are restricted to SD, which is around 540p but not even 720p. If you play any of the HD content on PC, it will remain HD.

And what about Apple iOS devices?

See there? No compatible device. Each and every iOS device can play HD content. Nice! Well played Amazon.

I’m sure, most of the people will say we do not care, because, either of them owns a flagship thanks to their carriers, or an iOS user or some really do not care at all.

But, it is highly discriminating that the devices are being made compatible on the basis of OS, but not the hardware or anything.

If any of the Amazon exec is reading this, which is know is nearly impossible, make your policies correct.

Well played, Amazon!

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