All the Galaxy Fold preorders will be cancelled if not confirmed by customers

Samsung will call off all the preorders for their Galaxy Fold device


After the Galaxy Fold reached the tech reviewers, 90% of them reported damaged display within a few days. The reason? The display breaks whenever you remove the protective shield from the display. Or the dust particles making their place between the canyon of the hinges. Therefore, Samsung will now cancel the Galaxy Fold preorders if they are not able to ship the device by 31st May.

The actual shipping date of April 26th has been postponed due to the faults. And now Samsung is sending notifications to the people who preordered the device. If they don’t respond, the Galaxy Fold preorders will be automatically canceled.

With the flawed point of the display, Samsung is now working on improvising the display and making it more durable and tough than before. However, Galaxy Fold is a masterpiece of technology. The smartphone has a beautiful design, powerful hardware underneath, a dual display setup. And the best thing is, it has 5 cameras in total.

Source: The Verge

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