OnePlus 7 Pro will feature QHD+ display and UFS 3.0


OnePlus 7 Pro is generating a lot of hype. With the release within a week, the firm is already releasing many of the internal features of the device already. This time, there are two important features in the broad daylight.

First one is, the OnePlus 7 Pro will feature UFS 3.0 from Samsung, in the device. The UFS 3.0 is meant to consume less power with higher data transmission bandwidth as well.  The speed can reach up to 2.9GB/s. It can also be the first device from OnePlus to feature the fastest storage module in the market, to feature it into their device. Even before the owner of the module hasn’t used it yet. Not even on their Fold.

But Fold is a different story, as it is right now under technical correction, thanks to its vulnerable display, which breaks on dust accumulation.

The other feature is the use of QHD+ display. And that too with HDR10 certification. Yes, OnePlus 7 Pro will allow you to stream/watch HDR10 contents on the smartphone. The QHD+ display will have a90Hz refresh rate as well.

Source: Android Central

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