Microsoft Edge Will End ‘fundamental frustrations’ with Browsers


At Build 2019, Microsoft announced some updates about Edge browser. After Microsoft decided to rebuild edge from scratch on Google’s Chromium open source project, their engineers are working closely together to achieve this task. Now, Edge on Windows 10 aims to address some of the “fundamental frustrations” with modern browsers.

One of the top new features announced is Internet Explorer integration. With this, Microsoft users will be able to run apps based on the legacy browser right within the Edge browser.

microsoft edge browser

Microsoft also announced privacy-focused controls. The new controls have three levels — Unrestricted, Balanced and Strict. Depending on which option you pick, Microsoft Edge automatically tweaks how third parties can track you on the web.

The next feature is Collections, through which users can collect, organize, share and export content with Office. For developers, Microsoft has promised it will soon add support for Chromium-compatible extensions on Edge.

You can also test these new features on Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary. Check them out here