Facebooks shuts Bonfire down today


After a lower downloads rate, Facebook finally shuts down the Bonfire app. The app was a group video chat app by FB. It’s in the genes of FB to either take down popular apps or just copy other popular app’s feature into its own. The Bonfire was a similar case. Cloned from Houseparty app, which has the same functionality.

Bonfire has a similar feature like Discord’s Voice chat, but here it is the Video chat. The app used the concept of Rooms, and let users join and leave anytime.

You guys must be thinking that when did FB launched the app? Well, it is right thought that way, as the app only launched in Denmark. Remaining in Denmark, it never reached downloads more than 10,000 at all.  Maybe that’s the reason why FB is removing the app. And since then, it never made its way to the world. It got confined to specific geolocation and died there.

Well, had it been released to wider geolocation, it might have survived. Although the Houseparty app is still surviving, and Google Duo has Group Video Chat, they still don’t have the Rooms feature yet.

Source: Android Police

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