Mozilla Firefox Now Stops Videos from Auto Playing


Autoplaying videos are quite irritating especially because of the noise they make.  With many tabs open at the same time, sometimes you don’t even realize where is that annoying music coming from. Fortunately, Mozilla Firefox has added a new feature which blocks the videos from playing automatically.

If you find yourself on a site that autoplays video or audio Firefox will now stop the autoplay before it can start. If you’d like to hear or see it, just click on the play button to watch it. It’s easy to do and makes noisy sites mind their manners. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or another social media site, they tend to automatically mute video content. Block Autoplay won’t stop the video from playing and instead the video will play without sound as the sites intend them to.

Mozilla Firefox

If you are using a streaming service like Netflix, once you hit play on one video, the others will play continuously and let you get your binge on just as the site intends. You can also mute an entire tab with a single click.

You can download Mozilla Firefox by clicking here.