Google Home Max: Bring Home Max for $100 off straight


Google is currently giving away Google Home Max for a straight $100 off on MRP. It is one of the top tier smart speaker with wonderful audio. However, the price of such wonderful product is always a wonder.

The current MSRP of the Google Home Max is around $399. Which is definitely too much even for a speaker. But considering it to be the Smart Speaker from Google, it sure packs pretty nice stuff underneath.

For now, the firm is placing the price for Home Max at a straight $100 off till May 6th up to 11:59 pm Pacific Time. If you were to get a good bang for buck product or pure reliable smart speaker, then it is your chance. The device will be available at the various outlet for this price – Google, BestBuy, B&h, and many others.

Get your own Home Max till the stocks last.

Source: Android Police

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