Vertical Gaming Mouse: Pros and Cons Before Buying


If you are a gamer, you know how important it is to have the whole package: you can’t just have a gaming computer without completing the rest of the accessories. Buying your full set is like completing pieces of a puzzle, where each piece has its own advantage that leads up to excellent gaming skills. One of the small but essential accessories that you might look into buying is a vertical gaming mouse. Before you do so, however, read on to learn about the pros and cons of one.

The Pros


  1. Vertical mice are easier and more comfortable to use.


If you work the whole day in the office, you would understand how much of a strain it might be later on to your wrists. This constant strain often leads to physical problems, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The same holds true with gaming, especially since you are going to be putting so much strength and effort on your wrists.


With a vertical mouse, this strain is alleviated. This type of positioning was created, such that there is support and comfort provided on your wrists. It mimics a more comfortable resting position of your wrists so that gaming for more extended periods is a more pleasant experience.


Adding up to this factor of comfort, most vertical mice also come along with a wrist rest so that you can also rest your wrist with ease.


  1. Vertical mice boast of a cool look.


If you play live, you would know how much of a boost it is to your self-esteem and confidence if your overall gaming equipment and accessories are sleek and top of the line. A vertical mouse boasts of this cool look, which can make you popular with your co-players as well. If you are a seasoned gamer, for sure you are aware of how much it can help boost your performance and winning statistics. Many online and offline games now require a mouse and a keyboard, hence you have to keep yourself updated with the trend as well.


  1. Vertical mice are more portable than others.


A lot of vertical mice are also created to be relatively lightweight compared to their other mouse counterparts. Also adding to this fact is how there are no wires connected to it, making it easier to bring around. These advantages all lead to one benefit: its portability. If you ever have to travel somewhere for a gaming tournament, or to your friends’ house, you will have one less weight to worry about, as your mouse is built to be very light and portable.


The Cons


  1. Most vertical mice are battery operated.


As vertical mice were created to provide a more pleasant gaming experience, a part of this experience is the lesser obstruction of wires, that is common with ordinary computer sets. Most vertical mice are designed to be more sleek and modern, such that because there are no wires to connect the same to the computer, it is through batteries that they function properly.


Battery-operated mice are excellent for office or desk use. However, with gaming, this type can be a nuisance. If your mouse is battery-operated, imagine if it suddenly loses its power in the middle of a game: you get interrupted. Your performance gets affected, or you lose the game. For gamers, professional or not, this can be very unpleasant.


  1. Vertical mice are generally more expensive.


Because vertical mice are more up-to-date, they are also generally more expensive than that of a regular mouse. Hence, if you are a gamer on a budget, you may have to save up more, and a little bit longer to purchase this gaming mouse. However expensive, though, with the features that it boasts of, every dollar you save on the same will always come out as worth it.


  1. Vertical mice will take a lot of getting used to.


Switching from one ordinary mouse to another isn’t really a very difficult transition, being that almost every computer user is already accustomed to using the traditional mouse. If you are a first-timer switching to a vertical mouse, it is expected that your first few games with your new mouse will be very difficult. It will take a lot of getting used to before using a vertical mouse already becomes effortless for you.


It would, therefore, be more beneficial for you to change to a vertical mouse at a season with no gaming tournaments. If you are to join a gaming tournament, be sure that if you are planning to switch to a vertical mouse, you will do so months before the tournament so that you can give yourself room to get used to your new mouse.




Switching to a vertical mouse isn’t going to bring you easy success and wins right away, as it will take a lot of getting used to. However, expert gamers have noted that whatever change and adjustment you will have to make is always worth all the extra effort you have to put in to get used to the same. Your vertical gaming mouse will undoubtedly change your gaming experience for the better.