Play Store will get a major redesign in coming days


Google is going to Apple. Yes, in a recent APK teardown by 9to5Google, they found the Play Store app will be redesigned completely.

And why I am saying Gong Apple? Because, Google is bringing the bottom navigation, just like Apple has on its App Store.

Don’t believe me?

Yup, that is a complete change to the UI as well. You can see that the app is now moving to a new theme called Material Refresh from Google. This theme, Google already released in the Gmail app as well.

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The app carousel in the homepage now hosts the name and the icon of the apps. And, the More text’s replaced by a Right Arrow.

And, now as per Google Play Guidelines, the apps now have the new Squircle shape in the carousel.

However, the app does have a cleaner look, and more whitish than green or red or orange before. We can also hope that they bring the Dark Mode with Android Q as well. However, the design is right now under development phase, so expect this redesign to come a bit later.

Source: 9to5Google

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