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Top Mobile Trackers for Android and iOS in 2019


Can I trace the location of a phone only by its number? If you have the same question, this will be the guide you will read. It may surprise you, but in fact, it is possible to trace the phone number using the right tools. There are third-party applications, as well as native operator applications that can help you do the same. However, not all toll-free number trackers can meet your requirements. In this guide, we have chosen the best free options for mobile trackers.


1: Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number is a free and great mobile number tracker website that gives you the opportunity to locate the owner of a particular number.


  • The search option allows you to search by landlines and mobile numbers.
  • It has an interactive and easy-to-use interface.


  • The results obtained include the owner’s number, location and the network provider.
  • Using this mobile web crawler site is free.
  • Apart from locating mobile by number, you also get the chance to track several numbers of landlines.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use interface.


  • The website cannot differentiate between old, new or replaced telephone numbers.

2: Free Phone Tracer

Another free phone number tracking website is freephonetracer.com. Just like the other mobile number locator websites, this mobile number tracking website allows you to enter the target mobile number and locate the mobile by number in a few seconds.


  • McAfee Security secures the website.
  • It supports both mobile searches and landline.


  • An intuitive interface makes it easy to use and track any number.
  • You can search for landlines and free mobile numbers.
  • The tracking method is direct and easy to understand.


  • You must register with the website before locating any number of interests.

How to Block Porn Sites on PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android: A Complete Guide

Pornography has become a plague for the society where the porn industry has become an industry worth billions of dollars in value due to a large number of consumers. Approximately 35% of the content downloaded by users is pornographic and many people search for pornography on a daily basis. Pornography has also become an addiction that has many adverse effects on addicts. Children are more severely affected by pornography. Here are some of the impacts of porn on children –

  • Watching porn disorients children of their sexual beliefs and moral values.
  • Seeing pornography makes children think that rape has nothing wrong and this increases the chances of rape.
  • It can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression in children.
  • Increases the chances of teen pregnancy.

Therefore it is necessary to block adult pornographic websites on your child’s Smartphone so that they cannot expose themselves to pornography in a wrong or voluntary way. Below you can come to know how to block porn.

  • Install a Secure Browser – To ensure that your children do not access pornographic content on their Android Smartphone; you can install a secure browser such as the SPIN browser that is fairly secure on your devices.
  • Use Google Safe Search – You can also prevent children from accessing inappropriate content using Google’s secure search features. This feature is not only available in the Google application, but you can also use it in the Google Play Store. Once you activate Google’s secure search function in both the Google application and the Play Store, Google will always filter everything from images to videos to block inappropriate websites on Android.
  • Using Open DNS – You can also restrict your child’s access to pornographic websites on their Android devices by using Open DNS. You need to configure the DNS of your home Wi-Fi network on the target device for Open DNS and then all the content that arrives at the device will be automatically filtered and no inappropriate content will be opened on it.