Sandisk 1TB microSD is now on preorders


After Samsung unveiled the 512GB microSD card last year, it was about time to get someone to introduce the 1TB storage as well. Sandisk did it. Sandisk is now introducing a 1TB microSD card, which is right now on pre-orders for a freaking $450!

The specification of the microSD card is UHS-1. That means higher data transfer speed is possible on this card. Also, after Sandisk ships the pre-orders, we can see the card coming to Amazon and Best Buy as well.

Theoretically, the SD card can reach a max 160Mbps, which is generally faster than the other card with UHS-1. Also, it supports A2 standard which means you can store Android Apps on the card with no speed issues.

However, before you get this card, please check if your device sports 1TB storage, as most of the devices in the market sports 512GB at max.

The card will come sometimes in the month of April.

Source: Android Authority

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