Oppo files a patent, and its way too dumb!


Back in January this year, Oppo filed a patent for some new design. However, if you just look into the patent images which is recreated by folks at Lets Go Digital,  you will definitely say – ‘The Heck Is Wrong with You, Oppo?

The first render is super amazing, actually, super dumb. It depicts a mini pop-up display, which opens up from the top, just like the Find X camera module. You don’t believe us? Have A Look!

 What the heck is this? Like seriously? After creating a pop-up disaster, you guys are just popping up displays?  What the heck is this even? A pimple?

Not only this, we have another kind of Pop-Out that Oppo patented. This should be called a sliding display. Yes, it is. This result only takes place when you tried to create a foldable display phone, however, you failed in the attempt, miserably.  Have a look.

Like what is this? Can’t you guys make a simple phone with a simple design? Like just messing around with CAD for fun, really? What is the use of this sliding display, anyway?

Well, I got nothing to say. After Samsung used notch, I have no word. Let the gadgets look uglier day by day, who cares.

I wish, Oppo never creates this kind of device in their lifetime. And if they create it, no one should copy this design style. The foldable phone was enough to see, but this is just out of question.

Image Source: Android Authority

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