3 Tips for Building the Perfect Website for Your Business


All businesses, whether based in-store or online, need to have some kind of web presence, and this should center around a dedicated website. Even a simple site that only contains necessary information will help you to attract new customers, as people often do not trust businesses when they are unable to read about them online in advance. Building a website is now easier than ever before with a lot of options available for website hosts and pre-designed templates. So, if you want to create the perfect site for your business and aren’t sure where to begin, then here are three simple tips to get you started.


Getting to grips with the basics

There are lots of different options available now for website hosting, design templates, domain names, blog sites and more, meaning everything you need to build your website is readily available to you. The first thing to do is decide what domain name you would like. A domain name is the URL which people will use to find your business online, and it can be easily purchased through a registrar such as Krystal.uk. Keeping your domain name as close to your business name as possible is often the most effective route to go down, as continuity is essential for your customers. Once you have a domain, you can then look at how to host your website and begin building it. Hosting your own site is often too expensive for a smaller business, so choosing to use an external host is usually the most viable option.


Keep the information simple

Your website needs to be a hub of information which your customers can easily navigate in order to find the answers to their questions. The following information needs to be clear from the moment a customer clicks on your website; what your company does, where you are based, who you are as the business owner, and how you can help your clients. If customers feel as though they are being forced to hunt for information, they will often give up and look elsewhere. If you plan on using your website for e-commerce, you should still have a clear home page that can direct visitors to an about page if they want to learn more. A FAQ page is also useful so that potential customers can get straightforward responses to their queries.


Aesthetics are important

Once you have your site host and are able to begin building your website, you can then start to think about what sort of look and design you would like to use across your site. It is important to remember that consistency is critical for a professional look, so once you have chosen your preferred layout, color scheme and fonts, try to keep this universal across the whole site. Clean lines, clearly marked sections and a lot of white space are often key elements in creating a simple, sophisticated and easy to navigate site while still making it visually pleasing. Try to incorporate images and video media into the site too, as this will capture customer’s attention and keep them on your site for longer.