Tuneskit Video Cutter: handy tool to clip your favorite video


Found your favorite part of the video but don’t know how to cut it? It can be online, or offline, isn’t it? But the problem of online: Upload speed and Download speed should be decent. If offline, the software should be fully fledged. Remember, I shared a Spotify Converter from Tuneskit? The same firm has a Video cutter as well. So, I present you the software which is made for the only single purpose, i.e, cut videos: Tuneskit Video Cutter!

The Tuneskit Video cutter is a simple tool that allows you to chop videos, with no loss in the quality. Also, it allows you to merge different videos together. Just like Adobe Premiere Pro. But it might take the space of Premiere Pro, as this Video Cutter is not made for the heavy job, just like Premiere Pro.

You can save the video in any format you like: Be it MKV, AVI, MP4, its all up to you. Also, if you customize the setting for the current session of the tool, you can get the content as you like. For example, you got a video with resolution 720p, but want a single part that too in 1080p MKV, just customize and you are good to go.

Also, if you are into cutting merging videos, you can do it precisely. Now let me tell you how to use it.

Using Tuneskit Video Cutter.

  1. Assuming that you already downloaded and install the product. Open the Video Cutter. 
  2. Next click on Open. Select the desired video. 
  3. Assuming that we are cutting the video, select the Start Time and the End Time. Or you can just use the yellow slider to select segment you want. Now Select Format. Now here you can go with High option if you don’t know anything about the file format, or you don’t want to mess with the file, else head for Encoding mode, which allows you to customize file format, encoding etc.

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  4. Select your desired settings and click OK. Now Click Start. You will see the Progress Bar progressing. 
  5. Head to C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\TunesKit Video Cutter\Converted  to find your video clip

Tuneskit Video Cutter Pricing.

The Video Cutter is available for both Windows and Mac. The trial is present but has limited functionality. However, the paid version costs you $29.95 right now.

Official Page: Tuneskit

Source: Tuneskit

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