Reddit removes two subreddits for this reason


Yesterday was gruesome. Not only for me but for the entire world. The Christchurch Shooting in New Zealand sent a shiver down the spine inside every human being. It is a gruesome mass slaughter where 49 people lost their life. In fact, the perpetrator live-streamed the entire shootout on Facebook, and the video went viral. And after this incident, most websites are trying to remove any of the videos to surface on their websites. Even Facebook and Youtube are having a tough time maintaining this. However, on Reddit, someone already shared the content, and now Reddit has removed it under their content policy violation.

Although most social media sites had a hard time to remove the content, Reddit did remove two subreddits hosting the video. Under their content policy, no one should share any content that incites or glorifies violence, in any kind.

However, the history of these two subreddits is somewhat similar. Now the subreddits are banned, we get to know what they actually hosted. People like to create threads like this to share gory content to a full extent. Now if you go to the subreddit r/watchpeopledie, the moderators have placed a notice, which reads:

“The video stays up until someone censors it. This video is being scrubbed from major social media platforms but hopefully Reddit believes in letting you decide for yourself whether or not you want to see unfiltered reality. Regardless of what you believe, this is an objective look into a terrible incident like this.”

What Reddit have to say on this?

The question arises why these subreddits weren’t banned in the first place. According to Reddit, threads like this help many medical practitioners and first responders to learn how to responds in these situations.

But after NZ Shooting, Reddit is finally removing these threads for everyone’s good.

Rest In Peace all those who lost their lives in yesterday’s shooting. We here at OTS, have the deepest sympathy with the people who lost their loved ones in yesterday’s attack.

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