5 Easy Ways to Use Your Instagram for Business


A lot of businesses have now adopted Instagram as a tool for marketing, creating awareness and making sales. If your business does not have its own business account on Instagram, then it’s losing a lot of potential opportunities for expansion and for improving its sales. Gone are the days when businesses relied only on conventional marketing and selling within brick and motor stores. In the modern era, technology has enabled businesses to create virtual shops where clients can easily check and compare products from different companies and place their orders without the need of living their comfort zones.

TrustAdvisor gives insights into how businesses should take advantage of this platform to revitalize and grow. Here are a few of those ways.

Create a Business Account

Creating a business account is the first step you should take to bring your establishment on Instagram. Business accounts have extra features suitable for businesses. They allow you to incorporate contact buttons that clients can use to reach you directly either through a call, text message or an email. You can also place a link on your bio that leads potential and existing clients directly to your official website.

Sell Directly from Instagram

With a business account, it is possible to sell directly from your Instagram account, without even the need to go to the official website. You simply post your products and their prices. If people like your products, they will contact you and order for your stuff which you can deliver at an agreed location or direct clients where they can find your wares. Keep in mind that about 70% of Instagram users have at one point or another interacted with a particular brand.

It is way much easier for shoppers to buy products from Instagram due to authentic reviews and referrals from other users. Unlike on websites where companies pay individuals to post fake positive reviews, those on Instagram are in most cases correct hence the need for most users to check for referrals on Instagram. You should bring some changes allowing new trends. For instance, you can start using Instagram bots or other automations. BTW, the recognized website Income Artist has a list of IG bots, you can check out.

Create an Active Engagement

The more people talk about your products, the more clients you get and the more sales you make. Just like using word of mouth in the traditional sense of marketing, increasing your engagement on Instagram is a good way of promoting your business. Create those personal relationships by having your clients and your audience at large feel like a part of your business. It is these clients that repost and share your posts helping you to reach an even wider audience. It works better with Instagram since unlike the traditional word of mouth, here you create massive networks since every one individual can reach a lot more people online than using physical means. Here, you do not require any hard pitches, you just need to post content that resonates with your target audience.

Use Live Videos

Live videos are a great way of promoting your brand. These videos get pinned on top of your followers’ feeds. It is impossible for your followers to miss such videos not unless they just do not want to watch them. Furthermore, even if one is not online, you get informed of live videos via pop up messages. Businesses should take advantage of this feature to connect directly with their audience by showcasing what the business is all about. You can even show behind the scenes clips just to let your clients know the process involved in getting what you sell to them. It is a great way of creating strong personal relationships.

Post Content on a Regular Basis

The main aim of your business is to increase your sales and grow your business. Instagram, being an image centered platform requires that you keep posting content to keep your account alive and high up on users’ feeds. Ensure that you post quality content with stories behind those images that users can connect with. Take time to observe your target niche behavior to know when and what to post. Posting without getting these dynamics may be a total waste of time since users won’t interact with your content if you post irrelevant stuff or during the wrong time.

Take advantage of Instagram and grow your business without incurring a lot in marketing costs.