WhiteStone Dome: Dome Glass for Galaxy S10 Instructional Video


The WhiteStone Dome glass screen protector has been my favorite screen protector, especially for the Galaxy curved glass series. It is costly but well worth the money in my opinion. It has excellent clarity, great touch sensitivity and for the new Galaxy S10 its basically the only glass screen protector that works with the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. The only issue I have with it, is the installation process it can become nerve racking.

You can see my struggles in the video below.

Well WhiteStone Dome has put out a nice updated installation video for the S10/S10+ devices. Its pretty detailed and they add some better tips for maximizing the sensitivity on the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

If you decide to get the WhiteStone Dome screen protector which you can purchase Here.  Please checkout the Instructional Video below as well as the detailed instructions.


1. Before Installation: – Please watch the installation video & read the instructions before performing installation. – Peel off the original film from the S10/S10+ device. 2. During Installation: – Pull out the Pin exactly when the adhesive is between the two arrows and right when it touches the glass in the middle. (As shown in the video; DO NOT let the adhesive slide down past the arrows) 3. Completely Cure in 2 stages: – 1st Primary Curing process (place UV light on the bottom and cure for 15sec, then move to the top and cure for another 15sec) *NEXT: Please press for 1 minute on the fingerprint area, and then proceed with the 2nd curing process. – 2nd curing process (*perform this process two times.) (Place UV light on the bottom and cure for 60 sec, then place the UV light at the top and cute for 60sec.). Repeat this and cure for 1 more minute on both the top and the bottom. 4. After Installation: Remove any existing fingerprints and Re-register yout fingerprint. Register the same finger twice. (Please register once following the device’s instructions and then, ADD ONE MORE FINGERPRINT(Same finger), the way you would naturally touch the screen.