Spotify Tricks for Spotify Users [Video]


Spotify needs no introduction. It is, after all, the world’s largest audio-streaming service that is devoured and celebrated for its rich collection of music, podcasts, talk shows, and more. After accumulating 207 million users worldwide, the Swedish music service debuted in India a few days back.

And here are the 3 of the most useful Spotify Tricks and tips for the existing as well as the new Spotify users.

1. Transfer Playlists from other Music Service

Due to the late arrival of Spotify, people in India were using different Music Services and had already settled in. Be it JioSaavn, Apple Music or any other service, you can easily transfer your songs to Spotify.

Soundizz helps you to do so with its Premium subscription.

2. Integrating Spotify x Google Maps/Clock

Do you want to wake up to your favorite track without downloading its mp3 file to your device? Spotify is here for the rescue. (Only available on Android’s Google Clock)
Also, you can link your Maps to Spotify and enjoy your ride with some nice music.

3. IFTTT and Spotify

Short for “If This, Then That,” IFTTT is an easy way to automate tasks that might otherwise be repetitive or unable to talk to each other. It works like this: users are guided through a process to make simple scripts, aka “recipes,” where some type of event in one device or service automatically triggers an action in another.

You can check out some cool Spotify applets here: IFTTT

4. Others

You can also connect your Uber App to your Spotify account to listen to songs hassle free on the go.
You can recover your deleted playlists by going to your account in the Spotify Website and clicking on Recover Playlists on the left column.

Spotify is the largest and for me the greatest music service available right now. Although not all music is not yet available in India due to the feud between Warner Label, it won’t be long until we get to listen to all the tracks.

Check out our video on Youtube about the same.