Is Video Still Relevant in Social Media?


When you run your own business, understanding what your customers want is a big part of staying successful. You may try to figure out what product features or services they want as well as the right price points — but that’s only part of the equation. You also need to look at the best way to reach your customers. For many companies, the answer is video marketing.

Understanding Video Marketing

If you are in business today, you probably already know that social media is an essential part of modern marketing, but the type of content you share is just as important.

Video is currently king.

According to Forbes, more than half of all marketers say that video has the highest ROI of any content. It is just THAT popular. Around one-third of all time spent online involves watching videos. While Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video account for some of that volume, it isn’t everything. Roughly 45 percent of people spend over one hour each week watching videos on YouTube or Facebook and over 80 percent of Twitter users make a point of watching video content on the platform — and it isn’t all footage of cute animals or stunts. Brands are using video to engage their customers.

Video and Engagement

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, what your company does, or how old your business is, creating videos should be a part of your marketing strategy. Videos answer questions your customers have and provide a vehicle for you to explain how your products or services answer those needs. Plus, most social media sites are actually designed to give preferential treatment to video content producers. By simply recording yourself talking about your brand, discussing customer pain points, or highlighting your business offerings, you can increase your reach exponentially compared to typing a simple post.

Where to Post Videos

When it comes to posting your videos, YouTube is crowded. Marketers have long since figured out how to use the video sharing platform and they have largely over-saturated it. Right now, you are really only going to gain traction on YouTube if you post a DIY or explainer video. Instead, post your videos here:


Facebook is one of the companies that has tweaked its algorithm to promote video content over other posts. To increase your presence on the platform, upload your videos natively (as opposed to sharing from YouTube). It will give you the best reach. Not only will more people see it, but Facebook collects a ton of data on which videos to promote to which demographics. It works in your favor.


You can post videos on Instagram just as you would a picture. For some brands, this strategy alone will be effective. However, most companies are going to get more from Instagram Stories. This feature allows you to take short 10-second clips and they are featured separately from user newsfeeds.


Twitter may list posts chronologically, but videos get 2.8 times more retweets and 2.5 times more replies than regular posts.

Types of Videos to Post

Next, think about the types of video to post. The best choice will be different for every company. In general, live videos, tutorials, and informational videos do best. Take Amway for example. The direct sales company uses videos to its advantage by creating content that answers “how to sell Amway products“. They aren’t long. They are just eye-catching and effective.


Video is still relevant in social media. Add this type of content to your marketing strategy to increase your reach. Companies like Amway are already using video content to their advantage. Isn’t it time your company joined in?