Google rewards in app goodies if you watch videos


Ever since an app launches on Android, the users generally get moded of the paid version so that they can use premium for free. However, this cannot happen on iPhones unless they are jailbroken. Since then many app developers cannot earn enough from this stuff. However, they have another trick to retain genuine among users.  Due to which. Google has launched a new set of tools to implement this.

Called Rewarded Products, you can eventually get some in-app content for free or Google Reward amount to spend on Google Play Platform.

If you consider the below image, you will understand what they actually trying to implement. This is actually a very basic thing which they already do, but still, implementation will be the same and solely depend on users to go through it or not.

Good thing is, you do not need any new SDK to implement this at all. According to the firm, this feature will work according to AdMob technology. This feature is currently under open Beta.

Source: Android Central

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