Spotify Comes to India with amazing pricing


The Music streaming giant has finally launched in India. Yes, Spotify is now in India. The music streaming giant is popular among most of the music listeners on the planet. Also, it is way cheaper than Apple Music as well.

The Spotify launched in India today. The news was disclosed to our Editor Karthik,  who is also a tech enthusiast and loves to write and listen to Spotify. Previously, due to its popularity and huge fan base, Spotify used to work only in some of the countries around the world. However, recently they announced that they will also roll out the services worldwide after they launched in 13 countries a few weeks ago.

Back in those days, we used to use VPN services so as to connect to Spotify and listen to High-Quality Music. Even the home apps like Gaana and Saavn didn’t have that much collection, which [it] has. Also, they announced that the service will come to India in Mid-March, but they were quite fast.

The app is available both free and paid. The free service will be free forever, but with ads, whereas you can skip those ads and listen to more High-Quality music by purchasing a plan. The plan is as follows:

  1. ₹13 for a Day.
  2. ₹39 for 7 days
  3. ₹129 for one month
  4. ₹389 for 3 months
  5. ₹719 for 6 months
  6. ₹1189 for 1 year straight

There is also a 30-day trial service available. After which you have to pay ₹119/m. This charge will be automatically deducted from your account. Whereas the above plan is on a pre-pay basis. Once you pay you can use Spotify for that amount of time.

I recommend you to get the 1 Year Plan straight away, only after you try Free Version. It will cost you ₹99/month for a year!

PS: Some of you might not get the app right now since it is a slow release from them. But Check your App Store or Play Store frequently.

Website: Spotify

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