Qualcomm’s First Processor With Integrated 5G Modem Will Come in 2020


Qualcomm is also announcing about its future plans at MWC. The plans include launching a chipset with an integrated 5G modem.  Every 5G device we see this year has a processor, say a Snapdragon 855, and a 5G modem, which is made by Qualcomm as well.

These are two separate components which have to be put together to make a 5G device.  These separate components result in excessive use of battery and performance from the chip. That’s why Qualcomm announcing an integrated chipset is a pretty big deal, as it will mean more battery-efficient smartphones with 5G connectivity in the future.

The chipset will come in the first half of 2020, says Qualcomm.  This chip will be probably called Snapdragon 865 if the current naming conventions are considered.

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