Huawei Mate X announced will cost more than 2000 Euros!


We finally get to have a look of the Huawei Mate X after it was leaked on the banner on Barcelona yesterday. The device though looks amazing but the pricing is pretty higher than expected. It is expected to launch on MWC event this year.

The device is supposed to be thin and might feature 5G as well. The price is a bit high. Huawei has priced this device for $2600. That is $600 more than the Samsung Galaxy Fold, although once both are compared we can make a better assessment of their values.

The device features a massive 8-inch display on the front and a massive 6.38-inch display. If folded to a normal device pattern, it will have a massive 6.6-inch everyday usage phone. This device acts as simple tablet or a mobile phone.

But do you think the price of Huawei Mate X is justified? Will it be able to stand against Galaxy Fold?

Source: Android Central

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