Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Galaxy S10’s Camera


When we reported all the specs of the S10, we told you that the device will support 4K HDR recording from the front camera as well. Folks at XDA Devs posted more details about the camera.

Introducing Wide Angle Lens

The Galaxy S10 will be the first flagship device from Samsung to feature a wide angle lens. It will suggest users if a particular scene should be captured with the ultra-wide camera instead of the regular camera. This feature will be called Screen Optimizer. Speaking of Scene Optimizer, the S10 will be able to detect up to 30 scenes, up from 20 scenes on the Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

The S10 will switch between the regular and ultra-wide cameras while recording videos. Samsung has also improved the Dual Capture feature in Live Focus mode. On the S10, you will be also able to save a super wide-angle and a regular version of the same scene

Better Flaw Detection

Flaw detection, which debuted with the Galaxy S10, will be improved with the S10. Instead of just telling you if a person may have blinked or a picture may have come out blurred, Flaw Detection will also tell you if it would be better to capture a particular scene with a different camera mode.

If you’re taking pictures of food, you will be suggested to try taking the photo in Food mode. Can’t fit everyone in the frame? The phone will recommend using the Wide selfie mode.

Bright Night – Night Sight, Better in Low Light

Samsung’s version of Night Sight called the Bright Night will be a feature of focus as well. Samsung is focusing on the software experience as well, and this is perhaps the highest number of new camera features the company has ever added to a new flagship.

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