Oneplus 6T Oxygen OS 9.0.12 Update Released

The stable version is live

What does the update do?:

Here’s the changelog:

  • January Security Patch
  • Optimizations for display
  • Integration with Duo
  • General bug fixes and system improvements

The update clocks in at 138mb which isn’t a small update in the least. Normally security patches are around 40-60mb so we will see just how much this update fixes. It’s disappointed we are getting the January security patch and not the February one. I would also like to note the broken English in the changelog. If Oneplus is going to put out a changelog they should translate it better (note the part where it says “Optimizations for screen display”). I’m curious to see what exactly the Duo integration is and what bugs were fixed as well. Please let me know if you have a Oneplus 6T if you’re getting this software update.