Chrome for Android might get Dark mode in coming days


The white browser days are gone. Now it’s time to use dark themed browsers. However, it’s fine to run a plain white browser on the computer, since we do not care about the battery life on these devices. However, the major problem lies with smartphones, which mostly uses the LCD or OLED panels. Out of these, the later has high battery consumption on White light, not on the black color. Also, most of the google apps are getting dark mode so why not Chrome for Android gets the same? Since black or dark mode works in favor of the device.

Chrome for Android v73 goes to the Chrome Beta phase, bringing the hint that Chrome For Android will soon get the Dark Mode, as its friends. Currently, the Dark mode is Available for the pop-up menu, which user press and holds to get the menu.

This move tells us that Google is pretty serious with the system-wide dark mode that they will bring with Android Q. Also, the dark mode right now works with Android Pie, not Oreo.

Source: 9to5Google

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