Top 7 Best Project Management Tools


If you’re looking for a way to manage your team, and your projects, in a better way, then finding the right management software should be on your radar. Here are seven of the best project management tools you can work with.


Scoro is well-known as one of the most comprehensive pieces of software a business can get. It allows teams, management, and clients to all keep an eye on various parts of a project from one central location. It also offers real-time overviews of how things are changing and automatically generates reports that keep everyone in the loop.

This particular software can be integrated with Outlook, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and a number of other popular tools and types of software. The most affordable plans start at around $30 a month and go up from there.



GanttPRO is already in use by approximately 250,000 different project managers worldwide. With this software, you can arrange for collaboration among team members, build plans for each individual project, track workflow, and even control expenditures.

The software also comes with a lot of templates so you can get started on all kinds of projects with a minimum of effort. The board view is intuitive and easy to navigate both for managers and for team members. It costs just under $8 per month for each user.



This is a relatively new piece of software on the market, but it is making waves with its ease of use. It’s easy to look at and takes hardly any time to adopt. A lot of start-ups are choosing nTask and they’re loving it. Check out reviews on TrustRadius and see for yourself.

One of the most impressive features is the risk management matrix. This assesses possible risks and keeps track of how often they occur. With nTask, you can easily manage meetings and send out agendas as well as discussion points ahead of time. The basic plan which can be used by up to five computers is free. After that, you get unlimited usage for about $3 a month.



This is a fully-functional suite of professional resources for CRM, file-sharing, accounting, project management, and any type of collaboration your team might need. Workbook lets you easily create projects and assign tasks. One of the benefits of the software is how easily customizable it is.

Workbook also allows you to create and control a client portal so you can allow your clients to see what’s going on while keeping other things private as necessary. You need at least 30 users for this software, and prices start at just about $20 a month. Customize however you like and the cost will adjust with you.



TeamGantt is a simple project management software that is easy to use. Keeping track of projects on the project scheduling page is not only easy, but it’s also quite fun. You can invite anyone from colleagues to friends to look at your chart or edit parts of it.

Users love the drag-and-drop features and the progress updates that generate automatically in real time. For less than $8 a month, you can get on board with a standard plan.



Insightly emphasizes client relationships over everything else. It allows you to track projects linked to clients, as well as keep communications, sales, and documents all in one place. It crosses platforms so it’s easy to go from your desktop to a mobile device.

Insightly automatically connects with Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook, Dropbox, and many other apps. It will work as well with iPhone as with Android and even with the Nexus. The to-do list is a useful way to remind everyone of what’s coming up next.



Hive is one of the most powerful PM and collaboration software tools out there. This piece of software focuses on the needs of your team and aims to put everything a project’s team could need right on one page.

You can move quickly and easily between projects, plan tasks and copy them to new actions, and access the software on any client across platforms. Since Hive integrates with more than a 1,000 other software clients, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it. Costs start as $12 per user, per month.


ProofHub is a note taking software that allows you to Create notes, select colors for them, subscribe people to them, keep them private, attach files, collaborate on them smarter, and store them in notebooks at one place, using the best note-taking software.