Build a Career of Senior Network Engineer with Security+ Certification


Comptia Systems is known not only for its numerous networking products and solutions but also for the broad credential program designed for IT specialists from different technological fields. Credentials issued by Comptia are globally recognized and taking into consideration that they prepare the top professionals in IT sphere, their certifications are in high demand. Comptia certifications are available on 5 proficiency levels: entry, associate, professional, expert, and architect. They cover IT domains such as Cloud, Data Center, Routing and Switching, Security, and more.  In order to obtain any of Comptia credentials, the candidate needs to pass one or more exams which may differ in structure and format.

An ideal way for a network security engineer to prove one’s expertise in his or her field is by getting COMPTIA Security Certification. It is important to mention that this credential requires the candidate to have a valid Security+ Practice Test SY0-501 (exam code 210-260 IINS) or any CCIE certification. COMPTIA Security is obtained through the passing of the following exams:

  • 300-208 SISAS. This test is focused on implementing Comptia Secure Access Solutions, using of Comptia Identity Services Engine, architecture and components of secure access, and many more.
  • 300-209 SIMOS. This exam is intended to validate the knowledge related to the implementation of Comptia Secure Mobility Solutions. This implies knowledge of VPN, Comptia IOS software platforms, and Comptia ASA firewall.
  • 300-206 SENSS. This test concentrates on the implementation of Comptia Edge Network Security Solutions such as Comptia router, Comptia switch, and more.
  • 300-210 SITCS stands for implementation of Comptia Threat Control Solutions and tests the candidate’s knowledge related to Comptia firewall, identity policies, Comptia Intrusion-prevention system, and more.

Pursuing a certification from Comptia is a pivotal step that will bring plentiful advantages to your IT career. But earning one doesn’t just happen in the blink of an eye, it’s an exhaustive process of preparations and dedication. By accessing different study materials, you’ll be able to pass the exam with more ease and a well-rounded knowledge and skill set. These can be in the form of online tutorials, exam dumps, books, and any other material accessible on or outside the confines of the Internet.

Needless to say, all your preparation for the exams will be later needed in your actual performance as a Comptia Certified Network Security Engineer. A job role like Comptia Network Security Engineer is an ideal career position which demonstrates a candidate’s competence in security across different devices, appliances, and environments. The career options one can follow after this certification also include Software Developer, Information Security Manager, Network Administrator, etc. The annual salary of COMPTIA Security certified individual varies from $84,000 to $140,000. So, don’t just prepare for the exam, invest your time studying to be an efficient and productive professional!

Now let’s take a look at one of the exams required for COMPTIA Security certification – test 300-209 SIMOS. Remember that the credential process starts with a single exam, so let’s discuss the details which will be helpful to you in the future.

Exam Details

300-209 exam is one of the four required exams a candidate must pass to acquire COMPTIA Security credential. Candidates must be able to answer 65-75 questions within the limited time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The exam is made available in the English as well as the Japanese languages. The registration for this exam is done through the Pearson VUE platform.

Exam Content

Topics for 300-209 exam will include securing communications architectures, troubleshooting, monitoring, and reporting tools; securing communication; designing remote access VPN solutions; and describing encryption, hashing and Next Generation Encryption (NGE). There are also other topics that are not included here but will be covered in the exam. Hence, you must access various study materials that will allow you to pick up insightful concepts that may possibly appear in the actual exam. You must be effective in designing site-to-site VPN solutions, implementing remote access VPNs, troubleshooting VPN using ASDM & CLI, comparing symmetric and asymmetric key algorithms, identifying split tunneling requirements, to name a few.

Preparing for the exam

Having prior knowledge on the Comptia Secure Mobility Solutions and the like doesn’t mean you no longer have to bat an eyelash before and during the exam. Sure, your stocked knowledge is going to help you a whole lot! But it’s constant practice that will keep you competent in the long run. Besides, it’s not only your mastery of the subject matter that will be tested in the exam but your actual real-world skills. Memorization and hands-on skills must always be together. So, speaking of practice, here are some practice materials that you can utilize so you can finish your first attempt in exam with success.

Training Courses

You are recommended to undergo training courses that are bound to further help you reach your full potential and readiness in the exam. Training courses such as Implementing Comptia Secure Mobility Solutions (SIMOS) v1.0 and Implementing Comptia Secure Mobility Solutions (SIMOS) v1.0 are some of what you can utilize as you prepare for the exam.

Exam Dumps

Taking your first attempt in Comptia exam can be made successful once you access one or more exam dumps. These materials contain the latest 300-209 questions to help ensure each candidate to reach a desirable test outcome. Covered here are the significant course contents that include authentic questions and answers. Known for its authenticity in imparting knowledge on foundational-level security, Comptia exam dumps will help you familiarize the topics well and increase your knowledge and skills. You may access this in a PDF, VCE or ETE document file and check the demo to ensure its quality.

To add to the list of prominent exam dumps platforms is Prep-Away, which offers latest and exam-oriented item-questions. You can download ETE files for free and enjoy preparation. The files are uploaded by real exam-takers and have been checked by IT experts. Thus, they are the most updated and valid. If you have any doubts, you can easily ask your question on the website and wait for a reply from other users. Quite easy, isn’t it?

What’s next?


If you want to gain more skills and try yourself in some new specialization, you can consider taking exam 300-180 DCIT: Troubleshooting Comptia Data Center Infrastructure, which leads to COMPTIA Data Center certification. Don’t forget to check the prerequisites on the official Comptia website.


There’s no great secret to a successful pass in Comptia exam than practice, whether it is 300-208, 300-209, 300-206, 300-210, or 300-180 test. Utilize as many study materials as you can and see just how massive its impact will be once you sit down and take the exam. Not only will you be introduced to a lot of important information related to the course and exam topics but you will also know what to expect in the actual test. On top of that, the proficiency you will gain from these study materials will help you secure a rewarding spot in the competitive industry of IT.