How a Domain Authority Checker Can Improve Your Site Ranking


One of the biggest factors in determining how your website ranks in organic searches is your system of backlinks. Your link building strategy is one of the key elements to your overall SEO plan, and a domain authority checker is one of the best ways to enhance this strategy.

Why are backlinks important?


Think of your backlinks as akin to a recommendation from a friend. If you were looking for a new dentist, you could just pick one out of the Yellow Pages. It is much more likely, however that you would ask around among family, friends, and coworkers and see which dentists they recommend. The more recommendations a particular dentist got, the more likely you would be to give that dentist a try.


Quality backlinks from sites with good authority of their own are like a recommendation from a friend. The more of them your site has, the more trustworthy it appears. Search engines will take these links as a vote of confidence in your site’s authority in the field and general usefulness.

What about low quality links?


Quality links from sites with good authority help your site. But links to you from sites that are spammy or questionable can have the opposite effect. Unfortunately, there are some black hat SEO practices that involve spamming with links or using your site to improve their own rankings.


If you have just done an audit of your site and noticed a traffic drop, bad backlinks could be the problem. Fortunately, you can remove these links and disavow any that you can’t remove — but only if you know which links are causing the problem.

Building your own links


In addition to getting backlinks from other sites with good domain authority, you want to link out to quality sites as you reference information that will be useful to internet users. This practice will only help your site if the websites you link to are good ones.

Where does a domain authority checker come in?


If you have access to a domain authority checker, you can quickly scan any website, or even a large group of sites at once, to determine just how authoritative they are. Whether you’re checking on backlinks or deciding about links to include, you want to know a site’s authority and how helpful (or harmful) it is likely to be for your site.

What to look for in a DA checker


You want a domain authority checker that can do multiple sites instantly and give you an accurate score. In addition to learning the estimated domain authority score for a site, it’s also helpful to get a page authority ranking as well.


Page authority tells you not just how much general authority a whole site enjoys, but specifically how the page you are linked to ranks. Your DA checker should also be able to give you an estimate of how much equity any given link will get you.

Is domain authority always accurate?


It is important to note that Google does not explain details of how it ranks pages or how its algorithm works. This is because they want sites to focus on producing quality content that users will find helpful. This means, however, that it’s impossible to 100 percent guarantee that any domain authority estimate is completely accurate.


All domain authority calculations are estimates, and as Google updates its algorithm domain authority changes and must be recalculated. This is another reason to use a domain authority checker regularly, as regular use will help you keep on top of these changes.


Link building is one of your most important SEO strategies and a key element in improving your own domain authority. A domain authority checker is a crucial tool to help you accomplish your link building goals.