Samsung Flow gets an update, bring this feature!


Samsung launched its connectivity app Samsung Flow back in 2016, With Galaxy S7. This app is used as a link between your PC and Galaxy Device. So that you can receive the notifications from your phone to your PC directly. Also, you can even unlock the PC using your phone itself.  However, until now, you usually had to rely on Bluetooth connection between Pc and the Phone for this feature to work.

The Samsung Flow allows you to watch notifications, share files, unlock devices etc. However, the past few versions from the initial days usually, worked on, or say relied on the Bluetooth connectivity. Which is generally very slow. However, the current update has finally brought a new feature. We can say this feature to be long-awaited. Finally, you can connect using WLAN/LAN.

Also, the update has brought several improvements under the hood. The update pushes the version from 3.7.11 to 3.7.14.

You can download the update from Play store and Microsoft Store for PC.

Source: Sammobile

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