Galaxy S10 to feature headphone jack (finally)!

Good to know that Samsung isn't ditching the jack for the time-being


Galaxy S10 is near to launch, and the leaks wouldn’t stop coming. However, some previous leaks suggested that the upcoming flagship will not feature the legendary 3.5-mm jack. Fortunately, the smartphone manufacturer has decided to leave the jack as it is!

Since the rumors started, we have seen several transitions of the prototypes. But as the days are coming, Samsung is trying to keep everything as simple as possible. Many manufacturers give several reasons to excuse themselves from giving the reason why they removed it. Some OEMs also says they removed the jack, so as to incorporate a larger battery *ahem ahem Razor ahem ahem*. But to falsify this claim, Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy M20, which has both, the larger battery, that is 5,000mAh, as well as the headphone jack.

Although, we know that people somewhat hate the Galaxy S10, for its punched display, which according to Samsung allows bezel-less experience.

Anyways, for the time being, Samsung is considering to keep the jack, but maybe in the coming future, might ditch the jack as well.

Source: Sammobile

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